The Edwardian type of extensions is

elegant with a rectangular shape and four-sided pitched roof.

EdwardianWith glass ceiling and glass walls, Edwardian extensions can create the most royal enclosure. With an elegant rectangular space with three-sided pitched roof, Elizabethan conservatories can be the ideal extension for a home. The modern lean-to extensions are the most popular and sought after type since its simple design with straight lines can merge with any design of a house.

The P-shaped extension is the one with a long gallery and a wide a polygonal space at one of it. This can be a very suitable when the entire length of a room is extended. The two-sided pitched roof over a rectangular space gives an extremely elegant look to a Regency type conservatory. It is unique in the sense that it has a gable end which can be created with a lot of designs.

When you want to create an interior space absolutely in the middle of nature, a T-shaped conservatory is the ideal one. It creates a practically all side open feeling. The veranda, among all the conservatories, is most close to nature since it is open from all sides. Veranda can be created on its own or can be extended out of a lean-to conservatory.

A Victorian style extension gives the panoramic view of the outdoor. If there is a beautiful view from the house, a Victorian extension with its bay-curved exterior façade adds an extra element to enjoy that.

The orangery type extension is a beautiful mixture of brick and glass and thus it actually does not look like an extension check out some ideas and prices online