How Do I Know Which Boilers are in my home?

Most of us take boilers for granted until something goes wrong, and it often breaks down at the worst moment. You can get a price guide here: but what type of boiler do you need?

Most boiler types get referred to as either:

  • Condenser
  • Combi
  • System / Regular

Condenser boilersEach type is more suited to a particular set of hot water demands than the other. However, most modern boiler products are of the condenser type. Condenser is not an actual model or product, it usually refers to the way the system operates to recover wasted heat & make itself more efficient.

combi boilerCombi boilers are the type that you see commonly fitted to a kitchen wall, they are compact and deliver instant hot water. Although some models can fill a regular size sink in under 20 seconds, more likely it will take just under a minute to do so.  This means it would take a while to fill a bath.

System or regular boiler installations would have a hot water storage tank somewhere in the house. Combi’s  don’t store water it comes straight from the mains feed.

So the easiest way to differential between to 2 types is by the water storage – no hot water tank, means you have a combi boiler.