How Much Do Lean-to Conservatories Cost?

Prices For Lean-to Conservatories

How Much Do Lean-to Conservatories Cost?First of all, before you start looking for lean-to prices, you should establish the size you need and the overall look that you want to achieve.

Establishing the size is relatively easy – you can pace it out, for a very rough idea or you could set pegs into the ground, and put down a chalk outline of the area to see how much of your garden room it would take up.

In terms of overall look, you could go for:

  • full glass sides & roof
  • half glass sides & full glass roof
  • full glass sides & tiled roof
  • half glass sides & tiled roof

within that, you should decide on material:

  • upvc
  • aluminium
  • wood

Then decide whether you need a particular lean-to conservatory colour -as a guide you could learn more here –