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Why Our Garden Pods Offer a Better Home Working Environment

With an increasing number of people working from home and a rise in the price of development and strict planning laws; UK home owners are turning towards garden pods as a solution.

It’s easy to understand why a small garden pod can be the answer for those looking for a space to work – but have you truly considered the benefits? Well if not here’s how our garden offices could benefit you:

Looking for a Better Working Environment? Try our Garden Pod

An office space needs to be bright, airy and also quiet and that’s what a small garden pod or office pod can deliver.  Our high quality builds are the perfect mix for those looking for silence and an enjoyable atmosphere to do their work. Crafted on-site, these sectional buildings are modern, clean and an absolute delight to work in. The array of windows makes the very most of the natural light in your garden, while insulation ensures energy efficiency and also an airy, well ventilated space.

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Work Away from it All with Our Garden Living Pods

Garden Rooms and Living Pods
Even with an office in the house there are distractions as anyone who works from home will tell you. Whether it’s the children playing, procrastination or otherwise, working at home can cut down on productivity.

Being away in your own garden pod or garden office space can really make a lot of difference to how you work, where you work and the way you work. It can truly create a big difference to your life and also offer savings when you take into account the price of hot-desking or renting a space to work outside the home.

Versatile Sectional Buildings

The level of versatility of an office space or a garden living pod is something that draws a lot of people to them. Unlike an office upstairs in your home, or a converted garden shed, these garden spaces can be used for a whole array of different means when you’re not being used as an office. From a garden room play area for kids, to a garden recreation room, to a summer house, our garden pods provide an array of uses that you’ll benefit from.

Even A Small Garden Pod offers Plenty of Room

Small garden pods are laid out in a manner that still provides plenty of room and space for working in and most will fall under planning laws, meaning there will be no requirement to go down such a route.

We provide a range of different sized garden rooms in Surrey, Kent and to surrounds areas and from our experience, we know they’re large enough for a couple of people to work in at once.

For those looking for a quality space to work from home in, all our garden offices provide a lot of room and make the upmost of their modern design.

So, if you want to contact us – feel free to do so and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements regarding our office pods or garden buildings.

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