Prices for Fully Fitted Conservatories

Double glazed conservatories costWhen getting quotes for a new uPVC conservatory cost (cost guide here) you may see that prices can vary a lot, not only because of style of conservatory you have or the size of the frames that will be glazed, but also because of the difference in the amount of labour needed to fully fit conservatories.

You can expect to spend anything between £2,000 and £8,000 on average for a job on a single storey extension, but this is truly something that benefits your home much more than you could ever expect.

Anyone who makes this investment will see a rise in their property value which is more than enough of a good reason to consider investing in a fully fitted uPVC Conservatory.

You can expect your home to be warmer also without so much heating being required – see prices for  lean-to conservatories at

Adding an Orangery to your home

If you’re looking for a sunny retreat that’s not too far away look no further than an orangery addition. This add on is a perfect getaway yet is only a step away from your kitchen or family room. You can entertain, exercise, watch TV or just snooze in this light and airy enclosure. An orangery addition is perfect for that homeowner looking for a sunny retreat without the hassle of traveling.

What exactly is an orangery & what do you get for your money?  It’s an enclosed addition that has three sides with the fourth being the home’s exterior wall. An Orangery can either have a glass roof or one that matches the existing building.

You can wire it for lighting as well as adding heating to keep it comfortable in winter. A sunroom’s floor is usually poured concrete in which tile, brick or indoor/outdoor carpeting is laid. The walls are glazed panes that either run from ground to roof or from a two foot kick wall to roof.

Keep in mind that this is not the same as a screened in porch where the addition will have nothing more than screens separating you from the outside. A lot of homeowners make that mistake.

Understand that you can use an Orangery all year round, it being basically another room added to your house. If you want to know more about orangeries & conservatory extensions with free quotes, you should visit